About Me

(Photo provided by Andrew Soulter)

After two years of waiting and anticipation, I am now officially a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin, West Africa.  I decided to join the Peace Corps after receiving a degree in Business Administration in college.  Thinking that my background in Spanish would open doors to Latin American countries I was shocked to hear that the Peace Corps wanted to send me to a French speaking West African country.  I have always pursued my desire to help those less fortunate than myself and working in Africa gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and skill sets.  I will continue to improve my language technique in both French and the local dialect of Fon.  I hope after I finish my two years of service in Benin that the people I have impacted will have a better understanding of American culture and values.  I know that my duration in Benin will directly impact the way I view the world.


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