I know my post!

Dimanche, 29 Juillet, 2012

So, two weeks have passed, and I still haven’t posted my first post onto the internet.  I find it easier to type at home and then try to upload my entries onto the web at the cybercafé.  The problem is that sometimes the internet connection at the cybercafé does not work that well and it is impossible to upload anything.  This being said I hope to get a satellite simcard that will enable me to use internet at my post.  Writing a blog from Africa is definitely easier said than done.

A few big announcements have happened since my last entry.  First of all I reached the level of intermediate-mid in French.  This is good because it is the minimum level the Peace Corps allows for swearing in as a volunteer.  I am still working on improving my French skills because working in French is a whole different ballgame than just basic communication.  Also, we all received our post announcements on Friday.  I will be living in a small village called Djidja for the next two years.  It is in the lower middle section of the country about two to three hours northwest of Cotonou.  Many of the villagers speak a local dialect spoken in South Benin.  The language is “Fon”, and luckily my host family speaks Fon.  So, I am already learning a few local phrases.  For now I don’t want to get too into depth on my job description because I am honestly not 100% on what exactly it is I will be doing.  We all leave for our posts next Sunday for two weeks of integration into our local communities, and I will learn more about my post and job description in those coming two weeks.

After the two weeks of integration we return to our host families in Porto-Novo to start our technical training for another month.  I am very excited to begin training on something other than French, even though the training will be in French.  Swearing in as actual volunteers won’t be until September 14th, so I still have a long way to go before the real work actually begins.


About le exploreteur

Since a very young age I have always been fascinated by the uniqueness of different cultures in our world. Life is too short to live within your own bubble. I believe that it is in human nature to explore and learn about the unknown.
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3 Responses to I know my post!

  1. Leah Noecker says:

    I’m gonna love hearing from you and the adventure you are on. Glad you like it so far. Makes us feel better back home. Keep the pictures coming as much as you can too. Share your new world with us. Exciting to hear about your journey and your large NEWEST family! 😀 Take care….Love ya. Aunt Leah

  2. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the phone call this morning! Happy Independence Day 😀 Love you.

  3. Narin says:

    That’s awesome you’re doing well with your host family and your French! Hope all is well, and definitely update with your job description when you find out what it exactly is. Sadly, I won’t be using French where I’m going, so 6 months down the drain. But that’s okay. I love French, so I’m still studying it. Hopefully I get to visit when I’m in Africa!

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